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What is Love to You?

What is love?
 What is your personal definition of love and what does it mean to you?
 Where in your life do you feel the presence of unconditional love?
 How do you show love to yourself?
 Where and how can you show more unconditional love in your life?

love heals all

These questions help us to take a step back and become aware of our true thoughts and feelings surrounding love.  At our very cores, in our most natural form, we are love.  Part of the reason love feels so good is because we are allowing our inner selves to be seen in it’s most vulnerable form.  When we allow our ideals about love to be shifted and skewed by another’s perspective we find that the love in our lives does not feel fulfilling.  We feel as if we are lacking love, or we feel as though there is struggle or work associated to the love in our life.

Truth is, these feelings of lack and unfulfillment, struggle and work are illusions we’ve allowed ourselves to believe through altering our own personal essence to be shifted to fit or be boxed within another’s.  

Remember Love comes in all shapes and sizes,
through daily monotony and surprises

Love is the connecting link to all that is life
not just a family, or husband and wife

Love is what we are in our purest of forms
True love never ever expects us to conform

Unconditional Love is the main ingredient
in our quest for inner and outer peace
Which is why it is so important to make sure
it is something we always practice and never cease.

So this February, as we begin to see

THe Reds & Hearts
HUgs & Kisses

While recalling those chick flicks and stereotypes that portray

The feelings behind a new Mr. & Mrs.

It’s important to remember that love is more than that….
Whether it’s seen as:

A deep rooted emotion
or An enticing game
that when sparked has the potential
to ignite an everlasting flame

Alll those..

Roses & Candy
Dinner & Dates
Are nice but not always needed
in the union of two inevitable fates

Because Love…

which usually appears as a deeply felt attraction

Is as unique and special as the two souls exchanging it

A Secret language between two
and an irreplaceable bond amongst the one you love and you


I hope this portrays to you that even in all the fluff, superficial, and material forms our society pushes into LOVE on this Holiday….that it is more than that.  That while gestures and gifts can be comforting and make you feel good, the BOND you share, in true UNCONDITIONAL love is all you need.

So RELAX…take the pressure off your relationship today (Even if you are choosing to HONOR the one you have with yourSELF) and immerse fully into the unique connections your lover and you share. It’s IRREPLACEABLE, one of a kind…and whether it stands the test of time matters not; for on this day, in this moment you are in LOVE.  You are enamored by their presence.  You want to EXPERIENCE life with them by your side.  In all reality at the CORE of your love it matters not what surrounds you.

The GREATEST thing about love and being in it is…when it comes right down to it, it’s a UNION of you and your partner and that is all you NEED.  Like the famous Beatles Song:

All you Need is Love”
So go out today…and every day really….and…
let it flow freely through all that you are
~Be Open to the Love that Seeks You~
allow it to find you and wrap you in it’s warmth
~Be Grateful~
for all the presence of love in your life


At the deep dungeony depths of our heart’s desires
All we truly want is to LOVE and to BE loved
in ALL forms.
your HEARTS wishes
and make every MOVEMENT today
from a place of LOVE

If you are interested in exploring your own definitions of Love within yourself and your life come join me:

Monday February 15th 2016
6:00pm at First Congregational Church
30 Main St. Binghamton, NY 13905

We’ll dig a little deeper and  be introduced to why
Self Love is so important and
the upcoming opportunity to be a part of
my new Self Love Experience Workshop Series

~ Hugs, Love, & Sunshine ~

from my HEART to yours,

-April Williams <3

Soul Soothing Sun

Soul Soothing Sun

me (2)

As the heat of the warm sunshiny rays reach my face
I feel the achiness that has settled itself
between my bones and within my joints
dissipate into dust

As the warmth of the sun’s healing presence penetrates my pours
I feel the ailments associated with my anxiousness
lift from the heaping helpings of heaviness
that have piled up as they float away
light as a feather
and faster than a helium filled balloon

As the golden light from our most massive star above envelops me
in it’s therapeutic glow
I feel my overall uneasiness
feverishly fade into the background of my awareness;
No longer able to allure or appeal
the attention of my mind

As I close my eyes and tilt my head back towards
the luminous magnetic mold
that magically melds my mother’s loving embrace
with the air that seductively surrounds me in this moment

I let go

For in the alchemy of this elemental and energetic exchange

I am whole;
Fully here

Filled with
The remaining light that had once been lost

Brought back to
My most basic form




Lots of Love, Big Hugs & Sunshine for your Day!

-April 🙂

The More You Tune In

The More You Tune In

More than first glance (2)

The more you tune in
the deeper you go
the more you recognize
all you actually know

The interconnectedness of all things
the power of perception and all that it brings
The unique way each of our hearts’ sing

The more you tune in
the deeper you see
the more you’re able to recognize
the flaws within this reality

The irrelevance of days
how your view easily becomes filled with haze
Your mind and how it has intricately become stuck in a maze

The more you tune in
the deeper you feel
the more you recognize
how everything congeals

How opposites tend to attract
How all the world stays intact
How there is always a piece that fits perfectly into anything that has cracked

The more you tune in
the deeper you sense
the more you recognize
your impact on all that surrounds you is truly immense

You are a chameleon and a changer
a mastered rearranger
with the knowingness that no one is actually a stranger

The more you tune in
the deeper you mesh
the more you recognize
you are more than your flesh

You are an awareness with a thirst
Zilllions of atoms carefully dispersed
A soul with a body and mind that are completely immersed

The more you tune in
the more that you see
You are absolutely everything
and you’ve always been free

Life Has No Real Boundaries

Open your heart
Free your mind
And let all that was meant to,
Simply unwind

No need for control
Loosen your grip
Don’t you think it’s time
To allow yourself to fully experience this trip

This trip we call life
The scenes we surround
The vast array of opportunities
We have the ability to choose from to be bound.

You’re never stuck
There is always a way
As long as you never take literally
All that your mind has to say

Back to balance
For forward flow
Will help to unleash
All it is you truly know

Remember life has no boundaries
Just spectrums of change
And it’s up to you to decide
In which way you’d like it to arrange.

There is magic in every motion

 So tell me…

What is your heart yearning for you to create?
At what point of that creation have you stopped?  and Why?
What boundaries have you placed around yourself and all you truly long for?

Here is a secret:
Those boundaries…Those fears…aren’t real…
and You hold the power within yourself to transform your life into one that surpasses even your grandest of dreams!

So Dream Big! Believe in Miracles! Trust the wisdom that comes from within.  You are the creator of the life that you live just as you are the miracle maker with the ability to manifest all your heart desires and more!

Finding Our Purpose

One of the very first realizations I had as I began to awaken from the daily haze I had been spending my life in was:

I had a purpose


When I opened my mind, listened to my heart, and let go of shoulds,
I could hear the voice of my purpose calling to me throughout my day.
In each moment I allowed myself to be present in, it became more clear.

I realized that my passions and purpose aligned but that my current daily life hardly reflected either.

I began to integrate and restructure my days with both passion, purpose, presence, positivity, and play; I found as I did this my life began to flow with a little more ease and the love that I am, began to grow.

So today I urge you to:

~Open yo
ur mind~
~Listen to your heart~
~Let go of the sho
~Feed your passions~
~Live your pur
~Allow yourself to be present~
~Keep a positive perspective~
~Remember to play~
~Love yourself and those around you unconditionally~

Starting to do these daily, even if at first you only do one, will surely help you to:

~Find your purpose~
~Be genuinely joyful~
~Spread the love~
~Create a life beyond your wildest dreams~
~Make a difference in all whose lives you touch~

So start today!  Why not? You’ve got nothing to lose!  With positive outcomes to gain, and no actual prep necessary (since all you need is you and the rest comes from within) it’s kinda hard to make valid excuses.

Just remember to:

Allow room for fun!

Some more whimsical words for inspiration towards finding and living your purpose:

I am one who seeks to help many.
I am a giving soul;
But this hope crushing, mind closing society
grips tightly on my bright, beautiful, believing heart
and truly takes a tremendous toll.

There is hope on the rise creating light for all to see,
And this luminous glow has become so very inspiring to me.
It’s warmth wraps me up in a hug and makes my spirit show with glee!

But so deeply I feel the brokenness;
it tears me apart.
Fills my eyes with tears and mirrors back to me
all my own worst fears;
and to tell you the truth
I could get wrapped up in all this turmoil for years.


My purpose is not to fan fear filled flames
It’s not to sit around and to pass on blames
It’s not to sourly and spitefully shout out shames
Nor is it just to go along with the games

My purpose is to let my voice be heard
It’s to write, sing or speak
through many a mindful word
It’s to allow my vibrantly bright light to be seen
It’s to be a courageously strong source so others may lean

It’s to keep asking questions,
start discussions,
and create literature for others to read.
To be a part of the ripple effect,
start waves,
and to plant each day a seed.

A seed that sews together seams of hope,
sparks remembrance,
and speaks forgotten truth.
A seed that uplifts,
helps us all to grow together,
and nourishes our eternal youth.

My purpose is important,
but so is yours;
and unlike most of our jobs
they shouldn’t be treated as chores.

With P’s and Love is a good way to begin.
Giving it Passion, Presence, Purpose, Positivity, Play & Love,
we’ll find our Purpose with a ginormous grin.

No worries if you’re not sure what is yours;
for we all hold them lovingly at the very center of our cores.
The pull you feel on the strings of your heart,
when you’re heading towards something that will break you apart
is a little nudge to yourself saying,
maybe there is a better place to start.

A place to do and be all that is you.
Where your yearning to bare your insides will shine vibrantly through.
For we all truly hold a breathtaking beauty on the inside;
even when we have let down others,
stolen or have lied.

This beauty we hold is love that is pure
a love so potent, no evil is able to endure…

Our truth
Our innocence
Our flame

Evil stands no chance
and is lost
outside of it’s game

So please believe in yourself;
listen to your wisdom within and step into your role.
Because together our purposes can help make our World feel whole.
Together our truths can connect all that is life;
soul to soul.

Questions to ponder:

What is your calling?
What are you passionate about?
How are you integrating your unique gifts into your life?
Are you honoring all you truly are in the motions you make?

I would certainly love to hear about how you are stepping into your role (your true self) and helping to connect with all that surrounds you!

Lots of Love, Hugs, & Sunshine,

-April 🙂

Hello Heart Centered Living!

Hello Heart Centered Living!

My name is April and I am super excited to be sharing myself with you all through my writing.  I am so very  grateful for this beautiful space you have all helped create by being a part of HCL.

For those of you who don’t know me,  I am a day dreamer of all things that bring hope, inspiration, motivation, and positive change to life and am on a mission to help bring those into the reality of as many people’s lives as I can touch.  The birth of my first child two years ago awakened me from the state of ignorance and auto pilot I had been on for more years than I would honestly like to believe.  With this eye opening, new and old passions were born and re-birthed.  Today I spend my extra time and energy left over from being a mom, loving girlfriend, and Nuclear Medicine Technologist, to working towards turning my passions and desires: which these days consist of: all natural health and wellness, mindfulness, self growth, and the act of writing itself, into my reality; As well as making them present in each gesture I consume myself in.

I believe in the good in humanity, that we are all one in the same, and one with the world.  That all of the Universe, including ourselves are undefinable, that together we can all change the world for the better, the importance of staying connected with the moment of now, the power of positive perception, and in my own ability, as well as everyone’s abilities within themselves to create a life filled with their wildest dreams and beyond.  I also enjoy meeting, learning about, collaborating, and helping to inspire all whose paths I cross, who share a yearning for the same.

I have a sweet spot in my heart for stringing together whimsical words; and so I write.

Copy of dance2

I am beautiful, brilliant, and bright
radiating simply, purely, the fire I ignite
crazy cool
amazingly awesome
wonderfully wondrous

I am me, April

A chronic day dreamer
An absolute believer

Naive? Maybe so
A quitter? Hell no

Genuinely real
highly sensitive to all I feel

An up and coming optimistic
Who’s not quite looking for realistic

Mystical magic and multitudes of miracles are more my style
and no- I’m not in denial.

Floating higher than a kite
way past the eye of sight

With a slightly cheese ball dorky side
Along for life’s levitating ride

I gather up copious amounts of courage
and heaping helpings of hope
so by the time I’m heading down
I’m feeling pretty darn dope

Join me on my journey
down this unknown path
you’re sure to find fabulous fun
and at the very least one laugh

you don’t always have to love me
or the words I spew
but please remember I have feelings
ones that work similar to the way yours do

Hear my voice vibrate softly
and beckon you to unveil
all the movements and moments in you
that cause you to both triumph and ail

Lets share stories
Get rid of negatories

Shine light on hope
Encourage each other to not mope

Love with all our hearts
Believe in fresh starts

Take action
Get satisfaction

Pick each other up when we’re down
Master the upside- down frown

and then recreate
our world that we share
where all will be fair

Where peace and love reign
beyond the dreams in our brain

Where we all are one
and there’s no such word as shun

A place where there is a different kind of work to be done
and we can all have a little more fun

I am thoroughly looking forward to sharing my words regularly with you all and I truly can not wait to get to know you all better too!  Please, I’d love it if you shared with me a bit about yourself in the comments!

Love, Hugs, & Sunshine,