Soul Soothing Sun

Soul Soothing Sun

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As the heat of the warm sunshiny rays reach my face
I feel the achiness that has settled itself
between my bones and within my joints
dissipate into dust

As the warmth of the sun’s healing presence penetrates my pours
I feel the ailments associated with my anxiousness
lift from the heaping helpings of heaviness
that have piled up as they float away
light as a feather
and faster than a helium filled balloon

As the golden light from our most massive star above envelops me
in it’s therapeutic glow
I feel my overall uneasiness
feverishly fade into the background of my awareness;
No longer able to allure or appeal
the attention of my mind

As I close my eyes and tilt my head back towards
the luminous magnetic mold
that magically melds my mother’s loving embrace
with the air that seductively surrounds me in this moment

I let go

For in the alchemy of this elemental and energetic exchange

I am whole;
Fully here

Filled with
The remaining light that had once been lost

Brought back to
My most basic form




Lots of Love, Big Hugs & Sunshine for your Day!

-April 🙂