Life Has No Real Boundaries

Open your heart
Free your mind
And let all that was meant to,
Simply unwind

No need for control
Loosen your grip
Don’t you think it’s time
To allow yourself to fully experience this trip

This trip we call life
The scenes we surround
The vast array of opportunities
We have the ability to choose from to be bound.

You’re never stuck
There is always a way
As long as you never take literally
All that your mind has to say

Back to balance
For forward flow
Will help to unleash
All it is you truly know

Remember life has no boundaries
Just spectrums of change
And it’s up to you to decide
In which way you’d like it to arrange.

There is magic in every motion

 So tell me…

What is your heart yearning for you to create?
At what point of that creation have you stopped?  and Why?
What boundaries have you placed around yourself and all you truly long for?

Here is a secret:
Those boundaries…Those fears…aren’t real…
and You hold the power within yourself to transform your life into one that surpasses even your grandest of dreams!

So Dream Big! Believe in Miracles! Trust the wisdom that comes from within.  You are the creator of the life that you live just as you are the miracle maker with the ability to manifest all your heart desires and more!