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Follow your Heart with these Heart Centered Living Offerings

Heart Centered Living Calendar of Events for February

All classes are held at 30 Main Street at the First Congregational
Church in Binghamton unless otherwise noted.

Monday February 1 6:30-8:30

(Group Healing Work and Celebration) Energy Night honoring Candalmas and St. Brighid

Brighid is the patron saint and Goddess of healing, poetry, crafting,
home and hearth and the keeper of the eternal flame.We will be calling in her and the aspects of her which are in us to help with a current issue in life. Please bring something for the altar and a candle to program for yourself. Love Offerings $$

Tuesday February 2 6-8

(Mystical Sciences Workshop)-Intro to Pendulums w/Peter Shell

A fun hands on approach to pendulum use. Attendees will practice with a variety of intriguing exercises. Pendulums are provided if you
don’t have one of your own. $20 Each

Monday, February 8 6-8

(Informative Discussion and Intentional Work)-Celebrating the Chinese New Year of the Monkey

Join us for an informative discussion on the Year of the Fire Monkey
and how you can harness its power to create new and exciting
adventures. Especially helpful for those who are feeling like they
want to take on more creative projects in their life, or feel stuck in
their creative abilities. Love Offering

Tuesday February 9 6-8

(Mystical Sciences Workshop) Pendulums and Health w/ Peter Shell

We again are going to be using various exercises to find answers to
our most perplexing health questions. $20 Each

Wednesday Feb 10 2-3:30

 (On-going spiritual Development Program) Soul Sanctuary w/ Renee

I wanted to create a place where you could go to explore some of your deepest longing questions. It needed to be a place where you could feel safe and valued.

Where you could express your truth your feelings and your ideas. Where you could have fun and tap into your own divine guidance in a bold and fierce new way. It needed to be a Soul Sanctuary

Soul Sanctuary Facebook Event

$12 Each

Monday, Feb 15th 6-8

(Workshop) Self-Love Program w/ April Williams

Come join us for a sneak preview of a new self love series
experience. Digging deeper to your core, releasing fears, healing old
wounds, changing your mindset, learning the power of your perception, along with some sure fire ways to start building a solid foundation for your life to be fully lived from and your dreams to be supported by.

Tuesday Feb 16 6-8

(Mystical Sciences Workshop) Advanced Pendulum Techniques w/ Peter Shell

Don’t expect this to be a course on divination. We are going to
explore and practice affecting change with our pendulums. This evening is going to be a whole lot of fun! $20 Each

Saturday Feb 20 1-3

(Mystical Sciences Presentation) The God Code w/ Peter Shell

This presentation is a mind stretcher that offers a refreshing and
interesting view into accepted religious teachings that have long been a part of the American culture. Attend and gain new insights into our complex world. This fascinating information is based on the work of author Gregg Braden. $20 Each

Monday, Feb 22 6-8

(Spiritual Seekers Discussion) w/ Debbie Matsushima

Join us for an informative Spiritual Seekers Discussion on a topic
that is relevant, current and important. Love Offerings $$.

Wednesday, Feb 24th 2-3:30

(On-going spiritual Development Program) Soul Sanctuary w/ Renee

I wanted to create a place where you could go to explore some of your deepest longing questions. It needed to be a place where you could feel safe and valued.

Where you could express your truth your feelings and your ideas. Where you could have fun and tap into your own divine guidance in a bold and fierce new way. It needed to be a Soul Sanctuary

$12 Each

Soul Sanctuary Facebook Event

 Monday, Feb 29th 6-8

(Heart Centered Movie Night)  Awake

The life of Paramanhansa Yogananda. By personalizing his own quest for enlightenment and sharing his struggles along the path, Yogananda made ancient Vedic teachings accessible to a modern audience, attracting many followers and inspiring the millions who practice yoga today. Love Offering $$

Watch the trailer for Awake


Registration and Questions

The Pendulum workshops are $20 each or all 3 for $50.

If you have some pendulum experience; then you can attend Feb 9 or Feb 16 without attending Feb 2nd and be able to follow along nicely. As long as you are not a beginner, Peter has purposely did not make the information dependent on the previous workshop.

Please RSVP by email – shellpa1@yahoo.com or by calling 607-725-3788. All 3 Pendulum workshops are approaching
maximum enrollment.

The Soul Sanctuary on-going program is $12 each meeting where each time we meet you will receive a study guide to continue the soul
empowerment work.

Please RSVP by email- reneeguidelli@frontiernet.net or by calling 607-226-2354.

Or you can simply click attend on the Facebook Event Page

Soul Sanctuary Facebook Event



Now that we are well into winter. We would like to remind you that
program cancellations may occur due to hazardous weather conditions. If there are school cancellations in effect for the Binghamton district or surrounding districts, states of emergency, falling snow or freezing rain/ice that is or has the potential to accumulate within the time period of the Heart Centered Living event, the event will be canceled. When in doubt about an event cancellation please check Heart Centered Living on Facebook or call Renee at 607-226-2354.


Getting Back to our roots through the following practical teachings

Heart Centered Living has always been about connecting people to their hearts, their truths, each other and the world that we live in. I am pleased to bring you the following teachings over the following
months. I know that you will see a direct relationship to the philosophy of Heart Centered Living and the philosophy of the cultural teachings and healing needed across the world.

Dancing with the Wheel

(Lessons around the Medicine wheel) continues Wednesdays at 6:00 

The Native American philosophy behind the medicine wheel is that all things and beings are related and therefore must be in harmony for the Earth to be balanced. We learn to apply this philosophy to our daily life through these teachings that include practical exercises and
ceremonies. Anyone can attend. These will be ongoing into the Summer months every Wednesday at 6:00 and will be held outside in the town of Maine. Please bring a lawn chair and something to write with. Cost is an offering from your heart.

We seek to remember who we are through practical exercises and
ceremonies that heal both humans and Earth held around the  Medicine Wheel in Maine:

Our Teachings for May

Steps to the Dance

  • Ceremony and Respect -May 6
  • Center Circle and Spirit Keeper Stones-May 13
  • Traveling the Wheel-May 20
  • Reflection and Ceremony-May 27

Our Teachings for June

The Different Wheels

  • The Mineral Wheel-June 3
  • The Plant Wheel-June 10
  • The Animal Wheel-June 17
  • The Color Wheel-June 24


The Path of the Shaman

The Path of the Shaman taught by Renee and Erick to be held at the
Healing and Learning Center in Elmira on Tuesdays.

All Classes include information, techniques and tools that were taught to both Erick and Renee through classes, personal retreats, journeys and individual healing sessions that you will be able to use every day.

  • 5/12/14 6:30 -Seeking the Path (Intro to Shamanism) Free
  • 5/19/15 7:00-Stepping on the Path –Prerequisite for the advance

We begin the journey by examining what our personal goals, and desires to be a Shaman are. Is it for self-discovery and personal development or does it extend beyond that. We look at what it takes to do the work and give you the right tools.

  • 5/26/15 7:00-Remembering the Path- Prerequisite for the advance classes

We become aware of our connection to everything. We experience the true essence of our nature and look at the many ways that we can SEE for ourselves, our community and the world we live in. I call this the Coming Home stage.

  • 6/2/15 7:00 -Reclaiming the Path-Prerequisite for the advance classes

Now that we recognize who we really are, and what we are capable of
doing. It is time to reclaim that power to know and heal ourselves, to
use our gifts and understand our place in this world. Expressing our
power for the greater good.

Each Class includes written exercises and journeying, discussion &
group sharing. $30 per class or $75 for all three (Must be paid by the
end of the second class) These three classes need to be taken before
the advanced classes

Advanced Classes will prepare you to become a shamanic practitioner and are typically 4-6 hours long.

Any questions and to register contact Renee at 607-226-2354 or Erick at 226-6943.

Renée Guidelli is a spiritual teacher, shaman, and founder of Heart
Centered Living who has been working with energy all of her life. She
teaches individuals and groups to connect with their inner knowing,
and authentic self, by creating a safe, sacred space for
self-discovery and self-development. Renee has devoted the past 20
years to help awaken and anchor the higher consciousness energies of the planet through various healing and teaching practices.

Renee is available for Shamanic Healing Sessions on Tuesdays prior to
classes at the Healing and Learning Center in Elmira. She is also
available for readings, healing work and spiritual counseling in Maine
by appointment as well. Feel free to call for more details.