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The Meaning behind Numbers by Numerologist Peter Shell

Have you noticed that you are dealing with situations & dilemmas that you thought you solved years ago? It’s not surprising that similar circumstances have entered your life again. Numerology explains this occurrence by identifying each year with the cyclic energies of 1- 9. Each phase or cycle lasts 12 months starting January 1st and ending December 31st.

2016 is upon us and will exert the energy of 9 on society & the world. This energy of 9 is considered to be the Universal Number or the World Number for 2016. (2+0+1+6=9) 9 represents completion and preparation for the new beginnings that will be ushered in with the next calendar year. 2017 is influenced by the Universal Number of 1.

A Universal year carrying the energy of 9 is about the conclusion of how things have been & the manifesting of new beginnings. Watch the year unfold with a discerning eye & a detached attitude. Many circumstances are bound to be altered in 2016.The world & the United States will drop habits & attitudes. More favorable policies will be adopted.

Personally – it is time to evaluate your beliefs, associations, habits and projects. Anything that is old & is no longer an important factor in your life should be finalized, to make room for the new opportunities that 2017 will deliver to you.

Have a great year! – Peter

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