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May 16th Workshop on Authentic Spirituality

Hi Friends of HCL,

I just need a moment of your time to announce an exciting HCL
sponsored workshop on Saturday May 16th. It is my pleasure to
introduce, trained intuitives Carl R. Letson Jr and Mary Bergen. Carl
and Mary will help you gain clarity and experience joy as you progress
on your personal spiritual journey. I am especially looking forward to
their segment on connecting with my higher self. Their guided
meditation should be extremely powerful and memorable as well.

Start time is 1:00pm sharp and we will conclude at 4:00pm. We will be
meeting at First Congregational Church on the corner of Main and Front Streets in Binghamton. The workshop fee is only $30.

Please pre-register before May 8th by calling me at 725-3788.

Hope to see you on May 16th!

Thank you! Peter Shell