D.R.E.A.M Oracle Card Readings

Book a channeled D.R.E.A.M reading  with Renee in March(Limited Spaces Available)


D-iscover  your personal guides, teachers and  angels that are working with you at this time.
R-emember your true calling and purpose in life.
E-xperience the love and light that you are.
A-ctivate the healing energy within yourself
M-anifest your dreams, desires, wishes and healing powers.
Reading Picture
A channeled D.R.E.A.M reading with Renee starts with oracle cards and ends with channeled information from your guides, loved ones or angels.  You leave with information, tools and resources for what’s next and how to go about doing it. Readings can be done in person, over the phone or online. $40 for 60 minutes.


“I was standing at a crossroads and feeling stuck when I decided to have a reading w Renee which gave me direction from the universe and alignment with my soul purpose”-J.H


“The devotions Renee has enables her to encompass so much more than just a reading. Many truths about yourself shine through, allowing her to present you with quality information that will inspire your soul. “- LJ


“Renee’s intuition was spot on as she channeled impressions. The written insights help me remember the session and assist in affirming my future efforts and actions” – P.S


Limited Spaces Available so book your March D.R.E.A.M. Reading today by contacting  Renee at 607-226-2354 or contact Renee Guidelli via email at