Renée  Guidelli  is a spiritual teacher, shaman, healer,  intuitive channel and founder of Heart Centered Living who has been working with divine energies all of her life.

She  teaches individuals and groups to connect with their inner knowing, higher-selves, loved ones and spirit guides by creating a safe, sacred space to allow the information to come through.

Renee has devoted her life to help awaken and anchor the higher consciousness energies of the planet. She has certificates in Reiki 1 and 2, Amadeus Healing Energy, Psychic and Spiritual Development,  is a shamanic practitioner, and an ordained minister. Her sessions, classes, groups and products are all filled with love, light, joy and truth.

Here is a little something that I wrote to capture the essence of what I do:

I AM a Light worker Decree by Renee  Guidelli

I AM a light worker:  I have chosen the path of truth over illusion and lies. The path of bringing love, light and compassion and joy to everyone and everything  at this time in our world.

I AM a light worker: I stand up for what I believe in and some times face adversity when doing so-but do not give adversity back. A light worker holds a  space for lively conversation which is  cheerful and light on the eyes.

I AM a light worker-I can create with energy and thought forms which brings healing, and wholeness to a person, place, thing or idea.


“When mind, body, and spirit is balanced your capacity for healing,transformation, and peace is magnified, resulting in complete transcendence and connection”-Renee

Renee's Med Pic