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I am interested in the health benefits of fermentation both in beverage form and foods. Using food as a healing modality, fermented or otherwise, including herbs an spices is a topic that I am bringing to the table for Heart Centered Living.

I have been created fermented beverages since the mid-1990′s and food since the mid-2000′s. I do a lot of cooking and part of it is fermented foods and beverages. They are good for health and I have posts that will share some recipes and things that I have learned along the way.

I like to also combine the fermentation process with another area of interest, time lapse photography to bring fermentation to life by speeding it up visually allowing a different level of insight into the process.


I have a few categories set up on this sites and  one of my other sites that cover food,fermentation and time lapse photography  follow the links below to go there…



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Fermentation Presentation given on March 23, 2015

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