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The Soul Knows

Since the beginning of the year, I have been really taking the time to tune into all that is around me, inside me and that which is waiting to come forth.

What has been truly fascinating to me though, is how disciplined and on task I have been while also going with the flow and just simply allowing my soul to speak to me in other ways.

It all started on December 31st when I did my releasing ceremony.  (getting rid of what does not serve me) meaning thoughts, habits, patterns, beliefs and of course even old and worn out things.

This is usually done through meditation or visualization and many times writing as well. But always with some sort of intention and desired result.

I used to think that the releasing was the hardest part-but really the hardest part is the allowing the good to come in next, creating the space in your life for something new and wonderful to take its place.

I used to think that intention was everything, that if you saw it in your mind’s eye it would appear,-sort of like how that movie The Secret would have you believe.  Oh just pray hard and it will happen, or wish it into being and it will appear before your very eyes.

I know that is not the case, and I made that known back in 2007 when I was interviewed for a local magazine. I know that it takes hard work for the things that you WANT to happen to happen. I know it takes hard work to keep the things away that you DON”T WANT  to have happen  in order to make room for what you do.

The  secret is not really a secret anymore, and since then there have been countless  new programs, books, classes, and tools out there that try and show us the way, and many all very good in their own way. (pun intended)

But in my experience it all comes back to us not only FINDING OUR OWN WAY-BUT REALLY KNOWING THE WAY DEEP DOWN INSIDE, that when given the proper tools, instruction and time to work on ourselves, and be with ourselves, that we FIND OUR OWN WAY ( I am hearing Stevie Nicks) singing “You can go your own way” and yet I feel it is a play on words saying “Sure you can go your own way-but how does that make you feel? Are you tired? Are you scared? Are you happy? Do you feel free? Hows it working for you?

Going your own way takes a lot of effort, standing up for what you believe and know is right does too, breaking free from the habits, patterns and beliefs that keep you stuck or make you feel helpless is just a distraction for you to not go you own way. (Beware of the distractions they will get you every time)

I’m not saying to sell your house and move to the country and be a recluse for the rest of your life, I’m not saying to walk into work some day and tell the boss that you quit, and I’m certainly not saying to go up to your partner of 20 years and say we’re through.

What I am saying is that as you FIND YOUR OWN WAY, you integrate that into who you are and what you do, as you KNOW YOUR OWN WAY, all else changes around you, you are born anew, and you are who you have always wanted to be and knew  deep down inside.

Seat of the soul

I believe that not only comes from following your heart, but listening to your souls promptings. The SOUL KNOWS. But how often do we find time to listen to our soul?

A couple of months ago during meditation I was told the following:

“The Seat of the Soul is the Seed of the Soul which rests and takes root in the heart. This is where the answers come for your life’s purpose hence your soul’s purpose. The seed is life itself but you give birth to it.”

Little did I know how much of a hold that message was going to have on me and how I was going to bring that into expression. Or maybe I should say birth that into expression.

That message was indeed my Soul’s Promptings to create the
Sanctuary of the Soul-

A place where we explore some of our deepest longing questions, a place where we not only give birth to our own seeds but nurture them so they take root.

To understand that for true peace, love, happiness, and heart centered living to take hold, we need to pay attention to the promptings of the soul, which resides in the heart center.

I invite you to awaken your heart center and seed your soul’s promptings in our Soul Sanctuary.

*Please note that I will be making an audio recording of these teachings that will be available for download*

To sign up and learn more, go here


In love, service and gratitude


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Love is the energy that connects us all

A year ago at this time, I posted this quote on my lifecoachrenee facebook page: “A greater understanding of self-enables a greater understanding of the world we live in. That holds true for us today as well.

The new year is always a good time to learn more about yourself, your neighbors, your friends and even who we might consider our “enemies” as the media would want us to think. Those of us who are perceived different because of race, religion, beliefs, and cultures are constantly pitted in an us against them scenario.  For quite some time now, I have put myself on a media diet and like most diets I would yo-yo back and forth between watching and reading news and not.

These days I have found a new solution that appeases my heart and I believe my soul as well as long as I leave my head out of it. When I find something out that hits home or across the world-I write it down and then I take it  to my meditation time and give it up to God.  I always ask for the highest and best outcome for the person, place or situation but I like to think that just taking that little bit of time out of my day or some times week actually”helps things along some how”. In some ways, I believe being aware of what goes on in the world, and not being attached to the outcome enables me to understand myself and the world better so that I can act from that place of understanding AND actually make a difference in the world.

I have made many promises to myself this year to be a better person, to be of service more, to worry less, to be more productive, to get my message out to a bigger audience, to have fun more, to actually write letters to friends and family in a digital age-the list is endless. And yet all of these things, whether I fulfill that promise or not, enables me to understand myself better and the world we live in as long as I am not grasping at the outcome.

My most recent lifecoachrenee post reads  ” I am one with every living being because we are all in and of the same consciousness. Thusly I can never be separate from love for love is the connecting energy of all things within that one”-Arcturian Council

I would like to think that in my feeble little brain of possibilities and imagination, that some day we ALL will understand what that means for everyone. But we still have a long way to go and we can start by understanding ourselves so that we can really begin to understand each other.

For we are all in this together, no matter what our race, religion, culture and or belief, we all know love, we all are love, and we all come from that same divine source of consciousness that is love expressing itself through us on this beautiful blue marble that we call our home….. and by golly if that is not inspiring us to live from the Heart Center-then I don’t know what can……..


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A (World) Peace Offering for the Full Blue Moon

This is probably one of the quickest blog post messages I have ever done meaning that from the time I was “given the message” to the time that I actually type and post the message is probably going to be  less than an hour-if only I would use that concept in other areas of my life.

So today is the day before the full (BLUE)  moon, and as I usually do I was sitting at my altar in my sacred space, contemplating the energy and essence of the day as well as putting my prayers, good intentions and healing energy out into the universe to be used where needed.

Now my altar changes quite frequently to reflect what ascended masters, teachers and guides I am working with at the time (which I am finding that when we are specific with our task/project at hand and or problem that needs to be solved-the rights ascended master/teacher is there to help in a blink of an eye.

Buffalo Calf Woman

So today, White Buffalo Calf Woman showed up after I was silent, and still, eyes closed and contemplating on what I could do for the world and earth at this time-as it seems like the task at hand is always so much more daunting than it really is because of all the help that we have.

As most of my guides and teachers in spirit lovingly show me the SOULution for myself first, they also show me how to guide and help others so they may do the same.

White Buffalo Calf Woman took me to the core of the earth and told me that the Earth is trembling inside and is in need of great healing. She told me that PEACE is what is needed for the survival of our planet and she directed me to put my hands on the earth so that I could feel the core and understand more of what is going on.

She showed me that more people need to “FEEL” the earth so they may “HEAL” the earth.  Next she took me to a council where many people (leaders/elders) were gathered around fire passing the peace pipe. She told me that PEACE begins with forgiveness and understanding of ourselves, each other and the generations that have come before.


She handed me the peace pipe, and told me that tomorrow evening around 10 PM I want you to hold a PEACE ceremony for yourself and call forth all those you personally need to forgive and “smoke” the peace pipe with each and every one of them. Recognizing that you are equal in the circle and have all come for the same reason-to forgive and make peace with each other.

Then she proceeded to tell me that it is time to gather the healers once again and to continue to do the work  that you have started as a “PEACEFUL WARRIOR in ceremony and in circle.

(Side note: I was very touched by this last message because I have not been as active as I would like with my shamanic teachings and my healing work and so I felt as though she was quite direct and compassionate in saying-it is time again for you to pick up where you left off-but this time-you will know more, you will have more to offer and you will have LOTS of help. )

A flood of gratitude and emotion came over me as I felt like she was speaking directly into my heart.

White Buffalo Calf Woman showed me specifically what I needed to be doing with others and then ended by telling me that what I have shown you others in Heart Centered Living  need to know and do as well.

Tell them during the full moon tomorrow night to light a candle, burn some sage, set their intention for peace, and call forth all those they need to forgive, (those who have made them angry, or sad, those who have let them down, those who are closest to them, those who have passed on, family, friends, world leaders, races, generations)-bring them all into the circle and smoke the peace pipe with them and know that I will be there with you all as you take the first step in creating peace for all. 

And so that is the reason for this message, blog post and call to action.


I wish you peace, love and understanding during this blue moon.





The Merry Month of May Musings

Greetings Friends,

And A Very Happy May to you, May is the month for growing in love,
light and healing through the Mother Energy. We began our dance around the Medicine Wheel this Wednesday the 6th from 6-8 where we honor and connect to our Earth Mother which will be held every Wednesday at the Medicine Wheel in Maine. Then we get in touch with our creative side on Friday, May 8th, when we make Magical Jewelry for Mom (kid friendly) with Crafts for the Spirit from 5:30-7:30. And we wrap up our week on Saturday May 10th, when we gather in unison for our Sistars of the Dream Mini Retreat from 10-4.

We are all hoppin and bepobbin in the Merry Month of May, and Hope to see you at one of the following events, but in the mean time, I wish you all a very Merry and Blessed Mother’s Day filled with lots of
love, light and everything bright,

Brightest Blessings,



Dancing with the Wheel (Teachings around the Medicine Wheel in Maine NY ) begins Wednesday, May 6, from 6-8 and will go until further notice

"Things and Beings on the Earth are related and therefore, must be in
 harmony for the Earth to be balanced. In this series of Medicine Wheel teachings, we turn our hearts and minds back to the messages of nature-back to our roots"

For the Month of May-We focus on the Steps to the Dance starting with Ceremony and Respect Wednesday May 5 from 6-8. If you live in a harmonious way, always respecting the sacred circle and all other
beings in it, every step you take can be a ceremony that celebrates
your connection with the creator. During our first gathering we will
look at the importance and the sacredness of ceremony. Ceremony is a way for us to show our honor, respect and reverence for all of
creation. It is a way for humans to give back to the creation of the
energy that they are always receiving. You will learn various ways
that you can create and do ceremony in the comfort of your own home or Please bring a chair, a note book and pen, and outdoor clothes. We will begin promptly at 6:00 and end at 8:00. Love Offering is what is asked for this teaching.

Crafts for the Spirit “Making Magical Jewelry in the Month of May”

Friday, May 8th from 5:30-7:30 at the First Congregational Church. If
you are looking to get your “crafting game” on, or have been trying to
decide what to get Mom for Mother’s day, then our Crafts for the
Spirit night is just the ticket. Make a Necklace and Earrings combo
for $15.00. We provide all the materials all you have to do is show
up. String beads and charms to match Mom’s favorite outfit or to fit
her personality. Kids are invited to make one too. Due to limited
seating, you must call 607-226-2354 or email to confirm your spot. You are also welcome to bring a snack for yourself or to share with the group.

Sisters of the Dream Mini Retreat “In celebration of Mother Energy”

Saturday, May 9 from 10-4. Join us for a lovely afternoon of
“Mothering ourselves” as we explore the various aspects of the Divine Feminine. We will look at the Blessed Mother and the many ways that we engage our Mothering aspects in all that we do. There will be a wonderful meditation to connect you to the blessed mother where you will receive messages for the next step of your journey. There will also be a little time to pamper ourselves with a gift of nourishment for mind, body and spirit. Bring a bagged lunch, note book and writing utensil and a sacred item for our altar. Please call 607-226-2354 or email for a spot. Place to be determined based on the # of people. $30


Weathering the storm with a little help from our friends

Rainbow peace


The Message: We begin with the energy of this month; the old adage of March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb is more like February coming in like a lion and going out like an even bigger lion. The intensity and challenges that one is feeling these days are not entirely their own. It is a cesspool of mud, muck, hatred, fear and loathing of many moons, many generations and many “pod-like” substances that are not our own anymore. These pod-like substances makes it  feel  like someone else’s “ooze” has got a hold on you and you can’t shake it. *I hear the song “Something’s got a hold on me” along with” Something’s happening here-what it is ain’t exactly clear. Stop, Look around, everyone what is going down”*What is this something that has a hold on us, again; I ask is it ours? Is it theirs? Does it even exist? Or is it made-up like the boogey man that haunts us from the closet, or underneath the bed? Is this something that we can shake? And how do we do so?

Peace Pull

The Vision I am being shown a storm-where there is a whirlwind of energy-going round, and round, and round, and yet there we are-right in the middle of it, the eye of the storm if you will. Centered.Calm.Confident and Clear. If you look through that storm, that whirlwind-ou can make out the tail of where it begins and where it ends. You take the tail and you grab it holding strong to what you know, holding strong to your beliefs, gaining your footing, gaining your control. You are controlling that storm. It is I –I am the storm and the storm is me. You whip that storm around you like a whip in a cowboy rodeo and you hurl that storm up into the sky to be transmuted, transformed and yet even DE-Formed (as in deconstructed, Dis-membered). For where there is one thing, something else comes about. You walk out of that space where that storm was-you look around you as the world is still, you see clearer, you HEAR clearer; you hear everything as if that storm just produced some special ear drops that cleared the gunk out of them. You smell strongly, deeply, with your whole being. YOU ARE WHOLE ONCE AGAIN. That storm is a million miles away threatening to rain on someone else’s parade. But not yours, and yet there is a part of you that wants to really make sure it does not rain on some one else’s parade. Even if you don’t know that person, you still know the harm, the damage and the destruction that storm can create.

The “We” Wish: So you search your heart, you feel the love, and the wholeness of who you are in that moment and you put a wish, even a prayer out to the universe asking that “We all weather the storm, asking that we all take control of our own personal storms and upheaval.” There you are standing in your truth, standing hand and hand with countless others seen and unseen-knowing that THY WILL BE DONE. For as above so below; we so easily forget about the choir of angels who celebrate when we take control of our storms, when we weather, or sail through them. And then you hear them. This beautiful, melodic sound that calls to you from the heavens to take you home to yourself.

Hands with world

The Call to Action: I am asking that in these up and coming weeks, to be aware of the storms in your life. Where do they arise? And what can you do about them? While these storms are being mentioned here metaphorically, these are happening all around the world physically as well. What we do to ourselves, we do to each other, and what we do to each other, we do to our Earth Mother. This is a cry, a plea of help, not only for ourselves but for our Earth. Our Earth Mother loves us so much and it hurts us all.

Say a prayer at night, tuck your little ones in and your own little one (inside of you) and ask that we your guides, we your teachers, we who love you with every fiber of our being keep a watch over you, will guide you through the storm, will calm the seas when they get rocky, will get you to where you need to go from point A to point B.

Do not underestimate the incredible power of unconditional love my sweets, for you are all experiencing it in one shape or another, through your dreams at night to your interactions with complete strangers during the day. Look for it in the eyes, the gentle gesture of the man waving you to cross the street, the woman at the checkout counter who complements your hair or your jewelry. The very way that you feel when you are spoken to by a child, a child who is closer to heaven than you could even imagine; a child that ultimately is heaven. This and more you will understand as you learn greater things about yourself and the world that you live in.

Yes, we understand there is fear and sadness, grief and depression. That is all part of the shift, all part of the many ways that you are being shown how much you are loved, and how to be receptive to that love. For we have told you once, and we will continue to tell you, that you are never, ever, ever alone, no matter how gray, or dark, or small you may feel. You simply are not any of those things-they are just fragments of a body and mind that truly no longer exists in the 5th dimension. As you continue on this journey, with upgrades, and transmissions, and healing into wholeness-that is what we are talking about here-wholeness my sweets. As you continue into that “remembrance” you will be faced with choices, choices of third dimensional reactionary fear-based actions-or steps moving you up the ladder of ascension. THE LADDER OF ASCENSION is being let down from above to lift you up. What you choose is entirely up to you. The days of allowing others to choose your destiny and fate are over. You are in control; you are the master of your destiny. As you become one with all of who you are, as you become one global, beating, loving, magnificent heart, you will continue to weather the storms together, beautifully, gracefully, and exponentially.

Prepare for the storm my sweets for after the storm comes the rainbow, the rainbow of bliss, the rainbow of love, and the rainbow of divine high. The heaven that you are all creating here without your knowing is nigh, it is within your reach. Weather the storm by yourselves, and know that what will be will be, but weather the storm with help, and truly you will know love like no other. Weather the storm with help, and we will come to you like a flock of seagulls, waiting your request, beckoning your call; choose to weather the storm with us and we will show up like a ship in the night searching for the lighthouse. We are the ship, and we are the lighthouse, the lighthouse that YOU have been waiting for-but mostly praying for. Choose the light house and you choose us, choose us and you choose love. And that my sweets is exactly what this journey is all about. Storms, Ships, Clouds and All. And in the end, we choose (chose) love.

We are your friends on the other side