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Introducing Peter Shell

Peter’s intrigue with all things scientific and technical started when he was quite young. While in high school his teacherstried to direct him to find a career in the sciences.His fascination with technology and his desires to be artistic and creative led him to follow a career in photography.

Today his interests have turned toward the mystical sciences. For years now, Peter has studied Numerology, Alchemy, Runes, Divination and Sacred Geometry. His quest has been to discover and explain the links between the possible and the impossible. He has an innate talent for finding and assimilating a wide range of seemingly disconnected subjects and information into a cohesive and easy to understand presentation.

Peter has been a course instructor at Roberson Center, Broome-Tioga BOCES, SUNY Broome and Heart Centered Living. His class critiques universally convey his student’s appreciation for Peter’s insights.

Over the last couple years he has conducted courses and workshops on Numerology, Ascension, The God Code, Pendulum Techniques and crafts such as making medicine bags and dream catchers.

March 2016 and the Solar Eclipse by Numerologist Peter Shell


We are being encouraged and guided by celestial energies. This statement may sound quite dubious or even “new agey” to you. Let me add some additional information before you pass judgement.

First of all I unwittingly sat down to write this post on 3/6/2016. (3+6+2+0+1+6=18, 1+8=9)  or   (3+6=9)   (2+0+1+6=9)    99

Famous Numerologists of the past such as Pythagoras, Plato and St. Augustine believed that numbers could explain every occurrence. Galileo is quoted as saying, “Nature is written in the language of mathematics”.

During the solar eclipse of March 8-9 2016 the sun and moon will be found at 18 degrees in Pisces.

2016 is carrying the energy of 9. (2016 – 2+0+1+6=9) 18 degrees is also conveying 9 energies. (1+8=9) In addition, there is a celestial event (solar eclipse) occurring on March 9th. Realize if you will, the impact of these energies of 9 energy that is being ushered in.

We are talking about 3 distinct factors all radiating 9 energies into our lives. Three 9’s written as 999 is a powerful indicator that the time is right for taking notice of the meanings encoded within this 999 event triad.

So why all the fuss about 9? Nine symbolizes the ending of a phase or cycle. Every number can be reduced to the numbers of 1-9. Since 1-9 represent the purest distillation of every number, this resulting sequence becomes apparent. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,1,2,3 etc.

As I stated in my Jan. 2016 post,” 9 represents completion and preparation for the new beginnings that will be ushered in with the next calendar year”. If 2016 is a Universal Year 9, then 2017 is the Universal Year Number 1. So we find ourselves in a 9 year, anticipating the approach of new 1 year.  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, (9 , 1) ,2,3 etc. As you see we are in the early stages of the transition contained within the parentheses of the above sequence.

Triple 9 energy is a strong reminder to get your life in order. Evaluate your beliefs. Do they still work for you? Sift through your clutter. What still serves you? Examine your belongings. What can you recycle, gift or re-purpose? Think about each of your relationships. Are they mutually beneficial or hopelessly one sided. Are your relationships stale and withered or vital ingredients for furthering your growth?

Nine is all about being flexible and allowing. We are being prompted to be open to new possibilities, new ideas, new circumstances, new people and new opportunities. However, nothing new can flow into a vessel that is already full!

You must create space for anything new to arrive in your life. It is said that, “Nature abhors a vacuum”. What is empty will be quickly filled. Use your discretion and decide what you will accept and what you can release. Make arrangements, so you can fully enjoy and benefit during the next nine year cycle.

An abundance of new possibilities will be approaching with the arrival of the Universal Year 1. 2017 should provide hope, abundance and prosperity too all who have made an effort to be prepared for the wondrous new year!

Evaluate, prepare and prosper! – Peter



The spectacular ride for 2016 starts this month

As we were planning our Monday night Heart Centered Living calendar of events, I noticed that all four major phases of the moon fell on Monday evenings in February. Hmmm, how interesting! I’ve never taken note of this occurring before, so I breezed through 2016’s calendar and did not find this happening for the rest of the year. I grabbed some old calendars and searched further.  This happened in May 2015 and also in July 2014.

With a little web surfing I found a very cool website. Four consecutive moon phases aligned on one weekday apparently occurs once in a calendar year.  Occasionally, it can happen more than once during a calendar year. Moving forward, we will wait 17 months for this occurrence to be repeated. The moon influences our emotions to an extent that most people are not aware. Think of the moon’s power over the rising and lowering tides here on earth. Then realize its vast potential to influence your moods and how you feel.

So, the moon places a special spotlight of attention and influence on February 2016. Interestingly, February is also a leap year.  This month is distinguished, by having 29 days instead of the standard 28. Numerology points out that since 2+9=11, February is going to experience the energy influences of number 11 throughout the month.

Number 11 can be seen as double 1’s. One is the number of high energy, individuality, independence, hard work and new beginnings. 11 is all about knowing without thinking. In other words it bolsters your sensitive nature and encourages you to use your intuition. Symbolically 11 looks like a door frame with an opened door, offering up an invitation for all to enter. 11 can be reduced by adding 1+1 to equal 2. Accept the invitation, enter through the doorway of 11, express the gentle qualities of receptivity, sensitivity, tact, cooperation and harmony that Number 2 embraces.

The 9 energies of the Universal Number for 2016 are urging you to happily release everything that is old, worn or outmoded in your life. This includes material items, personal belongings, relationships, jobs, homes or ideas whose time of service to you has elapsed. Graciously allow them to be cast off; creating a vacuum that will be quickly filled by the influx of new energies that are coming your way during 2016. Engage with the energy of the double 1’s to increase the momentum of your future manifestations. You are all being primed to reach for your brass ring, claim your power and the prizes in life that you deserve. Act now and be prepared.
Enjoy the ride throughout 2016. It’s going to be spectacular! – Peter

The Meaning behind Numbers by Numerologist Peter Shell

Have you noticed that you are dealing with situations & dilemmas that you thought you solved years ago? It’s not surprising that similar circumstances have entered your life again. Numerology explains this occurrence by identifying each year with the cyclic energies of 1- 9. Each phase or cycle lasts 12 months starting January 1st and ending December 31st.

2016 is upon us and will exert the energy of 9 on society & the world. This energy of 9 is considered to be the Universal Number or the World Number for 2016. (2+0+1+6=9) 9 represents completion and preparation for the new beginnings that will be ushered in with the next calendar year. 2017 is influenced by the Universal Number of 1.

A Universal year carrying the energy of 9 is about the conclusion of how things have been & the manifesting of new beginnings. Watch the year unfold with a discerning eye & a detached attitude. Many circumstances are bound to be altered in 2016.The world & the United States will drop habits & attitudes. More favorable policies will be adopted.

Personally – it is time to evaluate your beliefs, associations, habits and projects. Anything that is old & is no longer an important factor in your life should be finalized, to make room for the new opportunities that 2017 will deliver to you.

Have a great year! – Peter

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